Friday, March 22, 2013

Who's Really Surprised By Bell's Stance on Homosexuality?

I know that many of you have seen this already, but just wanted to point out that there is a logical and necessary connection between theological liberalism and sexual confusion. Bell's stance shouldn't surprise really anyone, because he has already has, by necessary implication, taught that God is not righteous. What I mean by that, is that especially in Love Wins with all of its questions and not very many answers(I read the book), it is postulated that all will be saved. And that at the center of this salvation is not the righteousness of God expressed in punishing sin upon His only Son, but a different gospel. A gospel of horizontal "love." A gospel of the goodness of man and the triumph of the human spirit. A gospel of 'give man enough time and they will do the right thing...eventually.' This type of gospel does not uphold the righteousness of a holy and loving God. For God to be loving to us, He must hate sin. If you love African Americans, you will hate slavery. If you love Jews, you will hate the holocaust. If you love babies, you will hate abortion. If you love God, you will hate sin. If God is going to love us, he must take care of that very thing in us that puts us at odds with His holy love. He must take all of our sin, whether it be adultery, or gossip, or gluttony or homosexuality and he must nail it to the cross upon His only Son, if we are going to be saved. If we are going to be reconciled to Him. The irony about Rob Bell is that he actually hates homosexuals. He hates them because his teaching is that there is nothing for them to repent of. God loves them just the way they are according to him. Friends, God did not punish His Son upon Calvary because he loved us just the way we are. He punished His Son upon Calvary so that He could make us a new creation and conform us to the image of His beloved Son. Any other gospel is anti-christian, and it hates the people that it claims to love.

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